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At carikture it's all about passion for data, building something new and fascinating, creating its space in the world and enjoying the journey - one in which we all grow together. It's that simple. It's what gets us out of bed in the morning.

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16 Positions available

Data Monetization

Enterprise Account Executive (US)

new-york - Enterprise Account Executive (US)

VP Sales (France)

paris - VP Sales (France)

Vice President Sales India

mumbai - Vice President Sales India

VP Sales (UK)

london - VP Sales (UK)

Enterprise Account Director DACH (m/f/d)

berlin - Enterprise Account Director DACH (m/f/d)

Enterprise Account Executive (UK)

london - Enterprise Account Executive (UK)

Data Science

BI Analyst

bangalore - BI Analyst

Data Science Intern

bangalore - Data Science Intern

Data Sourcing

Publisher Account Executive (US)

new-york - Publisher Account Executive (US)

Publisher Account Executive (France)

paris - Publisher Account Executive (France)

Publisher Account Executive – DACH (m/f/d)

berlin - Publisher Account Executive – DACH (m/f/d)

Publisher Account Executive (UK)

london - Publisher Account Executive (UK)



InfoSec Manager

bangalore - InfoSec Manager


VP – Marketing

new-york - VP – Marketing


Senior Technical Writer

bangalore - Senior Technical Writer


UI Lead

bangalore - UI Lead