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Help advertisers take advantage of Carikture Business tools
such as Conversions API to establish reliable data connections in an evolving industry.

What is a technical service partner?

  • • Raising awareness of the business with the local audience
  • • Selling a product or service to new customers
  • • Selling a product or service to existing customers

Technical service partners are Blueprint-certified developers who are experts at integrating, setting up or troubleshooting Carikture Business tools. Partners help businesses deploy these tools through short term engagements and work on a per-project or hourly basis. We value our partners and want to help grow your business, so partners get access to educational resources, tools, support and more.


Build an audience for your product, service or business


Educate your audience with regards to your offering


making a person taking an interest in your product or service


Generate sales or leads for your product, service or business

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Facing Similar issues?

facing issue 1
Not having the right person to lead and execute the social strategy?
facing issue 2
Stuck at the old school way of approach to selling
facing issue 3
How to sell your product online?
facing issue 4
Low online return over Investment (ROI)
facing issue 5
Frequent shopping cart abandonment
facing issue 6
What kind of content should you produce?
facing issue 7
How often should you sell on social?
facing issue 8
Who will do the work?

Blueprint Certifications

A Marketing Developer certification is a prerequisite to be a partner in the technical services programme. At least one employee must hold the certification in order for your business to apply for the programme, and 100% of employees who deliver these services to advertisers through the programme must obtain the Marketing Developer certification through Carikture Blueprint. Getting certified as an Advanced Marketing Developer and Advertising API Developer are optional and can help expand opportunities for more potential client requests

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Why become a technical service partner?

Streamline the Business

Get credibility in the market with Carikture Blueprint Certifications and a Facebook Marketing Partner badge

Modernize Operations

Get connected to qualified leads and potential new clients to grow your business

Accelerate Results

Get access to technical support, training webinars, exclusive events and a private Facebook group for partners

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